endless mile: city guides

Endless Mile

Guides for the curious traveler!

Our basic philosophy is simple: the best way to discover a new destination is to set out on foot… walking that proverbial endless mile, finding something of interest around every corner. Our guides focus on history, architecture as well as offbeat areas & currently cover Buenos Aires & Lisbon. Let us show you around!

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argentina: british pathé

British Pathé logo

Perhaps because it’s Easter Weekend & everyone is otherwise occupied, but few people in my social network seem to have noticed that British Pathé uploaded 85,000 (!) clips of newsreel footage to YouTube. I honestly couldn’t believe it.

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endless mile: designing for android

Endless Mile, Android app

Despite owning several Apple products, I decided to experiment & bought a second-generation Nexus 7 tablet last September. In about two months I became a fan… much more so than with any Apple product. Phenomenal screen resolution, truly light weight, crisp & clean design plus amazing adaptability won me over. The more I used the tablet, the more I realized how fantastic Endless Mile guides would look as an app.

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personal: 2014 schedule

2014 work schedule, Portugal

Although it seems less complicated than last year, in 2014 I’ll be busier & will put a lot more kilometers on some lucky pair of Adidas this year. Good thing I love my job(s)!

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found: eyvind earle

Eyvind Earle, art, Sleeping Beauty, Disney

Who doesn’t remember the first time they saw those stunning visuals of Disney’s “Sleeping Beauty”? I was lucky enough to be born in 1970, so I saw most early Disney releases in the movie theater instead of on the home screen. What a difference. Nothing conveys that depth of field—wandering through a deep, dark forest—or fighting a dragon against all odds.

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tel aviv: beach & bauhaus

Israel, Tel Aviv, beach promenade

A 45-minute drive to Tel Aviv plus an overpriced taxi to our rental apartment got us to the beach in no time. Seemed like everyone was out enjoying the beautiful afternoon. If only I knew how to paraglide…

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jerusalem: jewish & armenian quarters

Jerusalem, Israel, Jewish Quarter, Western Wall

An attractive piece of art welcomed us to the Jewish Quarter. Right away we noticed a difference: the area was more open & better maintained than any of the two previous sections we’d explored…

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